Crowdfunding with PitchFunder is a way of working smarter for the funds you need.

Our program is administered and closely managed by ASU Foundation staff members and student assistants to provide strategic crowdfunding consulting. PitchFunder will help you to raise money by reaching out to your personal networks—friends, family, colleagues and other contacts—to create a crowd and invite them to get involved by making a contribution.


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On average, a campaign is live for 30 days raising $4,200 from around 45 donors, and is powered by a fundraising team of 15 people.

What You'll Need

PitchFunder is a program from the ASU Foundation designed to empower the ASU community to raise charitable funds for the ASU-related projects, research, events, and organizations.

Crowdfunding is a means of raising money by reaching out to your networks and inviting them to get involved with your project by making a contribution.

PitchFunder runs its campaigns on the ScaleFunder crowdfunding platform.

On average, a campaign is "live" for 30 days, however we work with groups who require shorter or longer campaigns as well. The entire process, however, requires about 3 months of commitment from start to finish.

Since donations made to PitchFunder are technically gifts to the ASU Foundation, funds you raise through our program are considered charitable donations. This means that not only do you not take on any personal tax liability, but your supporters get the benefit of making a gift that may be tax-deductible. PitchFunder’s fee structure is also different from non-charitable sites: every donor to your campaign can restrict 95% of their gift to your account and the remaining 5% will be unrestricted to advance ASU.

One of the greatest benefits of crowdfunding with PitchFunder is the guidance the program provides. All groups have access to our self-directed training program in addition to video and communications consultation, making it easy to learn how to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Groups that work best with PitchFunder are:

  • Comprised of 5 or more members.
  • In need of $1,000- $10,000 that will be spent on an effort that benefits ASU students and/or the community. This may include research, supplies for service learning or other ASU-related projects, conference travel costs, etc. Funds cannot be used for a private company.
  • Willing and able to leverage personal connections to help make your group’s dreams into reality.
  • Able to spend at least 3 months creating and running a crowdfunding campaign.

To get started your team will need to apply. Then PitchFunder staff will contact you to help determine your goal and plan for success. 

The larger your group, the larger the crowd you are able to reach out to. Our average campaign has 15-20 members, but the more the merrier.

Campaign goals are determined by the number of participating individuals in your group. On average, PitchFunder groups raise $270 per person, so keep that in mind when establishing your campaign goal.

Other questions we might want to consider:

  • Who are your donors?
    • Family, friends, mentors/advisers, professors, classmates, colleagues, co-workers, and other who might be naturally drawn to your cause
  • How do I promote my campaign?
    • The majority of your gifts will come from EMAILS.

Before going live, you must have an account with the ASU Foundation and a local university account. As soon as someone donates to your project, the funds will be hosted within the ASU Foundation, and you can access the funds by asking the Business Office Manager in charge of your university account to request a transfer. You will access the money you raised under ASU policy, and your BOM can assist you with the process. If you need assistance setting up your account, please email PitchFunder@asuep.org.

There are no costs or fees associated with the program. Every donor to your campaign can restrict 95% of their gift to your account and the remaining 5% will be unrestricted to advance ASU. Even if you don’t reach your goal you will receive these donor-restricted funds to your account.